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 Curriculum of "Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai", Thailand 

  ​Certification: All the certificates are issued by "Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai", Thailand and they are internationally recognized.

 Kalin Nenkov is an approved CE provider by NCBTMB - USA. CE provider number:1552


> Foundation of Thai Massage (Level I)

30  hours – 5 days, 6 hours a day - 690 BGN

/prerequisite - non/

The course is to provide basic knowledge of SEN SIB (the 10 main energy ducts according to traditional Thai medicine), 158 massage positions and counter effects with Thai massage. The training makes it possible to precisely and safely apply two-hours full-body Thai massage for relaxation. Each trainee is given a guidebook with illustrations and descriptions of the techniques. This massage can be demonstrated and practiced both on the ground and on a massage table; its latter variant is known as Thai Table Massage. 

TMC Curriculum Certification - 30 hours, 30 CE credits (NCBTMB) 

> Thai Massage Enhancement  (Level ІІ)

30  hours – 5 days, 6 hours a day - 690 BGN

/prerequisite - Level 1/

This course enables you to acquire confidence and determine the suitable rate of applying the Basic Principles of Thai Massage techniques. It also provides new techniques while training their integration with those learnt in the previous course. The program also emphasizes on the theoretical part about the energy ducts, their topography, and the symptoms related to them. The training includes preparation and application of herbal compresses. Each trainee is given a colourful textbook.

To attend this course you need to have completed the course Foundation of Thai Massage (Level І)

TMC Curriculum Certification - 30 hours, 30 CE credits (NCBTMB) 

> Therapeutic Thai Massage (Level III)

30  hours – 5 days, 6 hours a day - 750 BGN

/prerequisite - Level 1 and 2/

This course comprises algorithms of ancient Thai massage techniques for relieving various common sicknesses. Here the techniques acquired at the previous levels are combined with new ones, while working with energy points as well. During the course, work is demonstrated with people in hospital beds who cannot move, as well as work with elderly. The training provides knowledges in TOK SEN therapy as well as the wooden tools needed for the practice. Each trainee is given a colourful textbook.
Тo attend this course you need to have completed the preceding levels  – Foundation of Thai Massage (Level І) and  Thai Massage Enhancement(Level ІІ)

TMC Curriculum Certification - 30 hours, 30 CE credits (NCBTMB) 

> Thai Table Massage 

12  hours – 2 days, 6 hours a day - 380 BGN

/prerequisite - non/

Thai Table Massage is the most practical Thai massage for people who prefer to work with massage table. Great complement to spa to apply Thai massage with other massage modality and herbal ball application. The content of this course is based on Foundation of Thai Massage (Level 1), unique revised positions appropriately and applicable on Table and maintain genuineness of Thai massage formalities. The purpose is to suite the physical demand and work space to some practitioners and applicable to beginners as well. Practice on western style massage table with adjustable height for effective massage and body posture.

TMC Curriculum Certification - 12 hours, 12 CE credits (NCBTMB) 

> Thai Foot Reflexology 

12  hours – 2 days, 6 hours a day - 390 BGN

/prerequisite - non/

This course teaches the Thai ritual of implementing foot massage. It includes acquaintance with the reflex areas according to traditional Thai medicine, as well as techniques of warming up and working on these areas with a wooden stick or fingers. For making the procedure complete, brief massage of the legs, arms, head, neck and shoulders is offered, too. Each trainee is given a colourful textbook and wooden stick for reflexology.

TMC Curriculum Certification - 12 hours, 12 CE credits (NCBTMB) 

> Thai Chair Massage

6 hours - 185 BGN

/prerequisite - non/

Thai Chair Massage is suitable for most interested learner with or without experience in Thai Massage.  This course will guide student how to perform back massage on a massage chair and on a regular chair position. Massage of shoulder, neck, head, arms and hands are also added. The training enables students to apply Thai Chair Massage for family and friends or an additional modality in massage profession. The technique enable student to be able to perform massage in most places with little set up requires.

TMC Curriculum Certification - 6 hours, 6 CE credits (NCBTMB) 

> Advanced Stretching Class

  6 hours - 250 BGN

/prerequisite - Level 1, 2 and 3/

This is a one-day class in stretching positions that are risky to implement.
Each trainee is given a guidebook with illustrations and description of the techniques. ***NCBTMB Certification only***

To attend this class you need to have completed Levels I, II and III of Thai Massage

> Master Class in Thai Massage
with Kalin Nenkov

24  hours – 4 days, 6 hours a day - 690 BGN

/prerequisite - basic class in Thai massage/

 The goal of this hands-on seminar is to optimize our work to the point of “relaxing while working.” It presents effective yet simple techniques from various styles of Thai massage optimized and developed by the seminar leader. The basic focus is on using the forearms, palms, knees and soles of the feet in a way that is gentle on the therapist’s body and conserves his/her energy, while at the same time guaranteeing a high level of effectiveness for the client. During one of the days, a 90 min-long sequence of techniques for treating the whole body will be presented. Attention will be paid to the creative process while working, because true optimization and development are possible when a balance is struck between learning and creating.



Improvement of the therapist’s working capacity through techniques that use his/her body and physical effort more efficiently. Improvement of the therapist’s effectiveness through the optimization of the sequence of techniques, or in other words, how we can get more work done with less effort.


* The seminar is not part of the program of "Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand"

Certificate of  completion is given by the instructor.

*** The seminar is appropriate for therapists who have successfully completed Level 3 TMC curriculum or an advanced course in Thai massage in any other recognized school.

The seminar is not suitable for people unacquainted with  Thai massage. 



***Individual courses are available with 30% additional fee.


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