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Balancing Thai Massage

60 min - 55 lv; 90 min - 80 lv; 120 min - 99 lv

Thai Foot Massage - 60 min - 55 lv

Thai Massage for Athletes - 60 min - 55 lv

Herbal Pack Therapy - 60 min - 55 lv

We offer you a unique eastern method of recovery from a number of illnesses and discomfort of the locomotory, nervous, digestive, respiratory, and other systems and organs. This method comprises a unique aggregate of techniques specially selected from the different Thai massage styles: Nerve Touch, Therapeutic Thai Massage with Herbal Compresses, Royal Style and Common Style. With it, the body is treated as an entire system which, in order to be healthy and harmonious, needs normal functioning of all its organs, as well as their balanced interaction. Disturbing the functions of one element or unit of this system may become a prerequisite for a number of disturbances of the rest of them as well. Thus, for example, the causes of a headache can be high blood pressure, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, inflammation of the sinuses, a slight cold, etc. This is why we subject to treatment and care in our program the whole organism, not only the symptomatic unit. As we powerfully stimulate its vital energy, we incite the whole body to activation of self-healing processes and excretion of accumulated toxins. Thus, its recovery is caused and, at the same time, the interaction between all the rest of the elements and units of the organism is improved. This, in its turn, leads to a long-lasting, stable effect and to a less probable re-occurrence of the illness.

((Herbal application in addition to each of the following treatments –15 lv)

Individual exercise program - 35 lv

Updating the exercise program - 9 lv

A visit to work with 3 or more people: 60 min – 65 lv; 90 min – 90 lv

A visit to work with 2 people: 60 min – 75 lv; 90 min – 99 lv

A visit to work with 1 person: 60 min – 85 lv; 90 min – 119 lv

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